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"Kushi Mon" - Skewered Foods

"Soba" - Japanese Noodle

"Sashimi" - Japanese Fish

"Kebab" - Turkish

"Humberg Steak"


Welcome to Asian Kitchen City in JAPAN, Nishikawaguchi !

When you travel in TOKYO,
and want to see Japanese traditional country scenes,
you should go to the Minuma-Tambo.
There are old farmhouses and paddy fields.

When you want to experience livelihood food culture,
you should visit the gourment city, Nishikawaguchi.

We have lots of Japanese foods,
both fancy dishes and home-style dishes.

And you can try Japanese drinks,
sake, shochu, cocktails.

Nishikawaguchi is one of international city in Tokyo.
We also have various cuisines,
Chinese, Korean, Thai, Indian, Turkish, American, Italian, etc...

And we have international menus in English, Korean, Chinese.

We're expecting you!


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NISHIKAWAGUCHI Universal Shopping Street